Handbook on induction in the foundry

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Foundries are the leading industrial users of electromagnetic induction: worldwide, more than half all metals cast is now melted in an induction furnace. In the current world energy context, this book examines this melting technique with reference to environmental constraints. In addition to presenting the various electromagnetic phenomena, it describes in detail the design, functioning, operation, and maintenance of the induction furnaces used in the foundry. The coreless furnace, the channel furnace, and the automatic pouring furnace are discussed in great depth. The interactions between the molten metal and the refractory and the specific character of electromagnetic mixing are studied, and methods of investigation and of control are proposed for each of the main types of induction furnace used in the foundry. The author provides clear, practical explanations of the various thermoelectric phenomena that govern these furnaces. Rules for use are systematically presented for each type of furnace. It is today undeniably the practical guide to the induction furnace.

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